Do you find it challenging to set goals and make a plan for the new year? 

You have big dreams but are unsure of how to turn your dreams into an action plan?  

In this online program I’ll take you through the essential steps you need to take in order to shift your business into something incredible over the next year.  

We'll review your previous achievements, set new goals and outline a vision for a successful and fulfilling year. You’ll leave with practical, realistic and achievable steps you can take to make this the best year yet.


Your investment: $19

Here's what's inside:

  • Celebrating - Looking back is just as important as looking forward. We'll take stock of the previous year and take our biggest lessons into the new year.

  • Intention setting for the new year - To start the new year as we want it, we'll set our intentions for our business and our personal life.

  • Creating a plan for the future - We'll look further than just one year and plan for your successful future. Some things simply can't be done in one year but we want to make sure they're acknowledged so we can call them into our lives.

  • Breaking your plan into actionable steps - Planning is fun but we need to make sure that we take action too. So we'll break our plan into actionable steps to ensure that we achieve what we set out to achieve. I have also recorded training videos on how I plan, create and manage my year and content calender in the project management tool Asana.

  • Creating your vision board - Vision boarding is extremely powerful. Plus it's fun too. You'll create your own beautiful and powerful vision board that will help you achieve your goals each year.


Your investment: $19

What can (and most likely will) happen after you complete this course?

  •  Increased income
  •  A bigger following
  •  Reaching your goals
  •  More confidence
  •  Better work-life balance
  •  Connections
  •  Having your best year yet!

Who is this for? 

If you are a female business owner who wants to plan a profitable, fulfilling year and make this the best year yet, then the answer is YES, this is for you!

What's included?

  • Complete 30 page Annual Planning Workbook for your successful year.

You'll also receive 3 training videos on:

  • Setting up your annual plan in Asana

  • Create and Manage your Blogging Content Calendar in Asana

  • Creating your first Vision Board

So, why should you be listening to me?

Hi, I’m Bianca… a digital strategist, intuitive marketer, marketing technology teacher, speaker and award winning entrepreneur.  

I demystify and simplify marketing technology for entrepreneurs, big dreamers, movers and shakers so they have more time to connect with their clients and do what they love.  

I love marketing & social media but don’t want to spend all my time online. My clients often ask me how do I do it? Posting multiple times per day, blogging and sending weekly newsletters, in addition to coaching clients, managing Facebook ads and running online training courses.  

Once you understand the basics and use time saving tools, it’s not that complicated… I’d love to teach you how to grow your business too, guiding you every step of the way.  

I can save you hours and hours of time trying to figure this out on your own and provide you with knowledge, skills and resources to build and grow your online community authentically.


Get started now for $19